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We must have something to breathe

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Clean air is essential

We need air to breathe. This is obvious and some of you are probably surprised why it was included in the list. After all, we never lack air, right? Almost true… In the event of a nuclear explosion, especially the so-called dirty bomb (cobalt bomb), there will be a lot of radioactive dust in the air. Breathing such air will be really dangerous, because the dust will get into our lungs and will provide us with radiation from the inside. If you are preparing for a whirlwind or other cataclysm and want to wait it out in the basement, you must ensure that the basement is ventilated sufficiently.

Volcanic eruptions have intensified recently - everyone can see it. It's just a matter of time before one of them explodes. Everything will change in an instant. Apart from the covid-style pants masks, it's worth having something better.

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