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Barrels are a wide group of products that can be used in every household or garden. There are two main types of this type of product. The first of them are barrels intended for pickling cucumbers or cabbage, which can also be used for economic purposes. A very important issue that we should not forget when we want to store food in a barrel is that it should have a certificate allowing the product to come into contact with food. The second group of barrels that we want to write about are rainwater tanks.
The barrel is made of high-quality plastic, characterized by high durability and resistance to mechanical damage. The product is equipped with a tight lid with convenient tabs for quick closing and opening (Twist-Off system). In addition, a solid rubber gasket of the lid guarantees tightness, while two handy handles allow easy carrying.

The product is perfect for pickling cabbage and cucumbers, but also thanks to the tight lid it can be used for the fermentation process.

It has a certificate allowing the barrel to come into contact with food.

3 reasons to buy this product:

  •  a perfect product for pickling cabbage and cucumbers
  •  is characterized by high tightness
  •  has a certificate allowing it to come into contact with food
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