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9.5 kW coal kitchen
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9.5 kW coal kitchen

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9.5 kW coal kitchen

The kitchen can be used for cooking, baking and heating the room. The oven door has been equipped with a glass, so we can see what is happening inside. The enlarged furnace chamber positively translates into constant flammability and faster achievement of the required temperature. As standard, the kitchens are equipped with a convenient exhaust gas draft regulation located at the front of the kitchen, which manages the damper.
- Wood
- Coal

Oven dimensions
Width - 43 cm
Depth - 42 cm
Height - 20 cm
Dimensions of the heating plate
Width - 74 cm
Depth - 46 cm
The dimensions of the hearth
Width - 20 cm
Depth - 33 cm
Height - 19.5 cm

s l1600

The approximate cost is $ 400

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