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“One hour of meditating on My painful Passion has a greater merit than a whole year of scourging myself to the point of blood; meditating on My painful Wounds is of great benefit to you and it gives Me great joy ”.

Words addressed to Sister Faustina Kowalska (Diary 369)

Who wrote "The Clock of the Passion"?

The Servant of God Luiza Piccarreta, LITTLE DAUGHTER OF GOD'S WILL, as Jesus himself calls her.
It should be emphasized that the drawing up of these HOURS OF THE PASSION is not the result of the writer's genius pen, but is the fruit of the constant contemplation and sharing of the Passion of Jesus, which this soul did over the course of over thirty years, since she sacrificed herself with Jesus at the age of 16, until she presented them in writing around 1913-1914. It did so only in obedience to St. Father Hannibal M. Di Francia. It is therefore not the superficial mystical literature of a person who wishes to publish his supposed visions or supernatural revelations. Instead, it is a painful testimony of a life crucified for love, of long bedridden years, lived by Luisa in prayer, in silence, in the shade and in obedience. And only obedience managed to make her write after a huge struggle with herself.
The "clock" is not the result of culture, writing, or the will to impart one's own revelations or visions, it is not the result of a false and dangerous mysticism, but is the fruit of Obedience (Lady of Obedience)!
The "clock" brings us closer and communicates to us the Passion of Jesus, His suffering and His Love (and with Jesus, inseparable from Him, is His and our beloved Mother of Sorrows). All this comes to us through the sacrificed life of Luisa.


Who is Luiza Piccarreta, the Little Daughter of the Divine Will?

Luisa was born on April 23, 1865, on a Sunday in Albis, on the first Sunday after Easter. Seventy years after that, the Lord asked, through Saint Faustina Kowalska, to celebrate the Feast of Divine Mercy on that Sunday.
She died on March 4, 1947 in Corato at the age of about 82. Her beatification process was opened on November 20, 1994 (the feast of Christ the King). On October 31, 2005, it was solemnly concluded at the diocesan level, and on November 7, 2005, it passed into the hands of the Congregation for Saints.
From her, a new "generation" of children of the Light begins - Jesus tells her - children of the Divine Will. She initiates the "chain of love", a chain of souls called to live in the Divine Will: In all holiness there have always been saints who were the first to initiate a kind of holiness. So there was a saint who initiated the sanctity of penance, another one who initiated the sanctity of obedience, another humility - so it was with all the rest of the holiness. And now I want you to be the beginning of the sanctity of life in my Will (November 27, 1917).

What is the history of the "Clock of the Passion"?

When Luisa was 17, she celebrated a novena in preparation for Christmas in 1882. Jesus' inner voice illustrated her this nine hours a day contemplation. Finally, she had an unexpected vision of the Child Jesus, who invited her to enter deeper into the life of His grace and His love. To this end, he instructed her to continue and consider other meditations (24 meditations) of His Passion and Death on the Cross, distributing them over the 24 hours of the day. Thirty-one years later (in 1913 and 1914), in the name of obedience, Luisa had to write down those HOURS of Torment. Since then, she has continued this practice, which, with the help of God's grace - as she herself says - she never stopped. Since then, she has written the HOURS OF PASSION in her soul!

Thus, Saint Fr. Hannibal M. Di Francia published them in four editions and gave them the title of the LORD'S TIME CLOCK.

Many witnesses have reported that St. Hannibal M. Di Francia, who was greatly trusted by Pope Pius X, one day arrived particularly pleased at Luisa's house and said that he had brought the book to the Holy Father. The Pope wanted him to read a piece of text to him. So he read the Hour on the crucifixion. At one point, the Pope interrupted him, saying: No, Father, you have to read on your knees. It is Jesus Christ who is speaking.

The words of Jesus to Luisa
"I will give a soul for every word they read"




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