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[Sticky] The cloak of Our Lady of Guadalupe

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What is it and where did it come from and what is it?

For several years, the faithful all over World have had the opportunity to encounter an unusual Rosary service. During prayer, those willing are covered with a blue cloak called the Mantle of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The story behind it is extraordinary.

Everything came from Mexico, where the sanctuary of Our Lady of Guadalupe is located and her unusual image, created in a supernatural way. However, it mainly refers to the old Catholic practice of scapulars as garments signifying the presence and protection of God. Both the scapular and the apparition of Our Lady to Juan Diego in Mexico are linked precisely by the idea of ​​the garment of Mary. Mary, who appeared to Juan, was wearing a blue cloak full of Aztec Indian symbols. Above all, the color of the garment was reserved for the ruler, the Indian king. In addition, Mary wore a dress the color of the dawn, which in that culture meant a woman who would give birth soon. These were all signs for him that he was dealing with the Mother of the Ruler, who would be born soon - says Fr. Jerzy Jastrzębski, ministering the Mantle of Mary of Guadalupe in the Archdiocese of Warsaw.

To put it briefly: it is an ordinary Rosary service, during which the image of Mary of Guadalupe is displayed, and the faithful have the opportunity to be covered with a blue cloak during the prayers, modeled on the one that Our Lady wore during the apparition to Juan Diego.

The mantle of the Mother of God, used by the Apostles of the Rosary, was made in accordance with what Juan Diego saw. On the outside, stars were embroidered on the Juan Diego tilma, and inside, a map of all continents, the keys of the Vatican, the image of Mother of God of Guadalupe, Bethlehem and the Host of St. with the word "JHS" as a sign of the Bread of Life and the place or country of destination of the mantle.

“The Apostolate of the Holy Rosary and Mantle of the Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe, Mother of True God for whom she lives, was established by Ms Naty de Anda in 2010 as a result of her immense devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe. Its main goals are to unite people in praying the rosary in families and communities for the intentions given below to Our Lady and proposed by the members. The Apostolate was given full permission to act and imprimatur by His Eminence Cardinal Juan Sandoval Iniguez and Archbishop of Guadalajara on May 23, 2011 ”- we read on the page dedicated to the mantle of Mary of Guadalupe.

All the cloaks used by the Apostles of the Rosary come from Mexico and have an originality signature signed by the Mexican bishop. They may only be used by persons delegated by the appropriate bishop in whose territory they wish to serve. Services are held with the consent of the parish priests and only where the Apostles of the mantle of Our Lady of Guadalupe are invited.

The Apostles of the Mantle emphasize that many of those who prayed under the mantle of Mary of Guadalupe experienced miracles in their lives, or in those for whom they prayed. There are well-known testimonies of people healed of depression and mental diseases, testimonies of the conversions of people in families for whom people under the mantle prayed, the miracle of transformation in conflicted marriages, and numerous favors of helping Our Lady in treating serious incurable diseases.



THIS IS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE WITH A COAT - click on the link with the video below.

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