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Electric gas moonshine distiller (moonshine maker)

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Stainless steel distiller

Purpose of the purchase (stress, disinfection, when the times come when you need to do something and give something to someone)

During the wars, the invaders were bribes and they could be bribed with, among others, alcohol.

49 0001


  • 30l or 50l barrel
  • column filled with stainless spirals
  • distillate filtration tube
  • cooler is adapted to running water
  • decanters + drain plug
  • decanters adapted to the charging of coffee mint fruit, etc.
  • thermometers for measuring the temperature on the column
  • termometer in keg
  • drain valve
  • built-in heaters 1400 watt and 2000 watt

Advantages (can be electricity or gas). Important when there is no or no electricity.

Estimated price from 350$

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