Rules for the discussion forum and rules for adding comments to

§1 General provisions
1. These regulations define the rules of using the service provided by electronic means, enabling the use of an internet discussion forum and commenting on materials published on the portal (hereinafter the “Forum”).

2. The service referred to in the Regulations is provided by 3DVISION based in Idzikowice 23K, hereinafter referred to as “3DV”.

3. The service consists in making it possible to publish (disseminate) through the Forum or under the materials published on the portal original ideas, opinions, comments, questions, information and other data, in accordance with the principles set out in the Regulations. Whenever the Regulations refer to the Forum, without exceptions, the same provisions shall be applied to comments added directly under the materials.

4. All Internet users visiting the portal (hereinafter “Users”) have access to the Forum, the ability to view entries and post their own comments, while minors may use the Forum with the knowledge and consent of their statutory representatives.

5. By adding a comment, the User accepts the conditions set out in the Regulations and undertakes to comply with the obligations arising from the Regulations.

6. 3DV is not obliged to disseminate statements, content and data provided by the User. 3DV reserves the right to stop disseminating all or only selected statements, content and data made public by the User and to prevent access to these statements, content and data on the portal pages.

7. 3DV reserves the right to moderate the Forum and edit the content of comments and entries.

8. A user using the Forum may not have any financial claims against anyone in this respect.

9. The User is entitled to stop using the Forum at any time, which does not deprive 3DV of the right to use the statements, content and data provided and disseminated by the User via the Forum.

10. On the forum we do not promote and do not share content related to private messages and prophets, among others. : Church of the Living God, Maria Divine Mercy, Cyprian Pole, Message to Anna, etc.

§2 Rules for using the Forum
1. Users are required to use the Forum in accordance with the provisions of the Regulations and applicable law.

2. Users are obliged to refrain from disseminating any illegal content via the Forum.

3. It is forbidden to perform, through the Forum, any activities that violate generally applicable provisions of law, in particular it is prohibited to:
a) dissemination of content that violates the personal rights of third parties (including other Forum users) or threatens to infringe such personal rights;
b) taking actions that constitute a crime or encourage the commission of crimes (including defamation or libel);
c) inciting to racial, religious or ethnic hatred;
d) promoting violence and aggression;
e) promotion of alcohol, drugs, drugs and pornography;
f) disseminating advertising and promotional content;
g) dissemination of materials that violate (or threaten) the copyright and related rights of third parties;
h) dissemination of materials infringing or threatening industrial property rights (including rights from trademark or patent registration) or other rights of third parties;
i) violating the rights of the portal publisher;
j) posting links to other websites;
k) posting of content sent on a chain-link;
l) disseminating personal data, contact details, e-mail addresses, etc .;
m) dissemination of computer data containing computer viruses or other computer destructive solutions;
n) disseminating content that violates the principles of social coexistence;
o) disseminating profanity, offensive, obscene or violating generally recognized ethical principles and principles of personal culture;
p) disseminating spam.

4. The forum is intended to disseminate content in Polish. 3DV calls for the use of Polish letters when creating comments and entries, as well as the use of capital letters only in justified cases.

5. Users are obliged to publish on the Forum only content consistent with the subject of the commented material.

6. Publishing commercial information on the Forum within the meaning of the Act on the provision of electronic services (including advertisements, promotional materials, PR messages, etc.) and other commercial content, without the prior written (otherwise null and void) consent of 3DV is prohibited.

7. The same content (statements) may not be published more than once and may not be repeated in different places of the Forum. 3DV retains the right to remove duplicates and duplicates at any time.

8. It is unacceptable to post questions or problems via the Forum along with a request for a reply to an individual e-mail address or via any other remote communication channel. The forum is intended for an open exchange of information, publicly available to all Users.
§3 Copyright

1. Users are obliged to disseminate only their own content (statements) through the Forum. In the case of using works or statements of other people, Users are obliged to clearly indicate the quote in accordance with applicable law. Whenever a reference is made to the “Creation”, it is understood as any statement by the User he / she posted on the Forum, which can be considered a work within the meaning of the Act of February 4, 1994 on copyright and related rights.

2. In return for the provision of the service enabling the use of the Forum, the User authorizes 3DV to use the Work without time, territorial and quantitative restrictions, in all known fields of use.

§4 Final provisions

1. 3DV is not responsible for the content of statements published on the Forum.

2. Each User is solely and personally responsible towards 3DV and third parties for posting on the Forum statements that violate the law or rules resulting from the Regulations.

3. Pursuant to Art. 15 of the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of electronic services, 3DV is not obliged to check the data transmitted, stored or made available through the Forum. However, 3DV retains the right to control the content and data provided by Users for the purpose of dissemination via the Forum, their editing and moderation, as well as to refuse to distribute them or to cease further dissemination.

4. 3DV reserves the right to disclose the User’s identity or any information provided by the User at the request of an authorized body, if criminal or civil proceedings related to the User’s activity on the Forum are initiated against the User.

5. 3DV will make every effort to ensure the proper functioning of the Forum and to assist Users in solving problems related to its functioning.

6. Any problems related to the functioning of the Forum and cases of violation of the Regulations should be reported to the address:

7. 3DV may suspend the Forum’s activities without giving any reason. The above will not result in any User claims against 3DV.

8. Using the Forum is tantamount to acceptance by the given User of the content of these Regulations, together with the User’s commitment to comply with the Regulations in full.

9. 3DV reserves the right to amend the Regulations. Any changes will be effective upon posting.

Forum goals and intentions:
Access to knowledge of the spiritual and material ark

Assisting users in collective purchases of inventory.

Exchange of experiences and broadening knowledge

Make new like-minded friends

We do not forcibly convert, we do not publish the messages and we do not discuss.